Where are these companies?

Los Angeles and the Bay Area are top manufacturing areas in California.

Los Angeles County retained its title of the nation's largest manufacturing center as measured by employment with a 2005 average of 470,400 jobs. If the six major Southern California counties (San Diego, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and Ventura), are added together the 2005 annual manufacturing employment was 915,900 jobs. This leaves an estimated 600,000 jobs in the Northern portion of Innovation Corridor, with the vast majority concentrated in the San Francisco Bay area. By the definition of advanced manufacturing used here, the Los Angeles and the Bay Area are top ranked innovation corridor growth areas followed by the San Joaquin Valley.

Innovation can be measured by patent production which is indirectly related to the establishment of new high technology firms in the Innovation Corridor. The nationally top ranked cites are: San Jose (1), San Diego (4), Sunnyvale (5), Palo Alto (6), Fremont (7), Cupertino (9), and Mountain View (10). Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties have consistently out paced the rest of the nation in value added per employee, increasing at the rate of 4.1 percent vs. 1.9 percent nationally.

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