What products are on the market today or are expected?

Nanotech is used to make many products today, ranging from iPods to chewing gum.

New nanotech applications might include producing: photovoltaics; hydrogen fuel storage; fuel cells; batteries and super capacitors; photocatalytic reductions of carbon dioxide to produce methanol and other liquid fuels; direct photoconversion of light and water to produce hydrogen fuel; super-strong, light-weight, low-cost light-harvesting materials; high-current cables; thermochemical catalysts to generate hydrogen fuel from water; materials and coatings for deep drilling; lighting to replace incandescent and fluorescent lamps; microscopic probes for planetary exploration or for special earth environments.

Biological based products include: biosensors and detectors and nanopore devices for detecting particular types of DNA, RNA and other biological materials; personalized forms of molecular medicine; a vision chip for the blind and other medical devices for direct implantation.

New nano-crystal coatings and nano-computing "smart" surfaces and a new crop of structural plastics, organic resins and nano-powders are possible. New products marketed in 2005 include: iPod computer chips; Shemen Industry's Canola that inhibits the ingestion of cholesterol; O'Lala Food's Choco'la Chewing gum, Zelens fullerenc C-60 Face Cream; Nano-ville Slugger Stealth CNT bat; Nanotex mattress cover; Artic Shield socks; NanoGuard paint, and Pilkington Active Glass; Nanobreeze Air Purifier; Buckypaper; and APNAN projectile armor.

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