Five Core WIB Roles


Making Connections

Silicon Valley is a challenging environment with unique regional workforce needs. Considering the relentless stream of displaced job seekers, workforce intermediaries must possess a deep understanding of the regional climate and have access to high-quality information. NOVA approaches this challenge by sharing information with a variety of regional organizations.

NOVA's staff works closely with other workforce investment boards, including San Mateo County WIB and Work2 Future in San Jose, to cultivate industry connections and investigate pertinent issues. NOVA's Board - representing regional organizations like the Silicon Valley Leadership Group and the California Employment Development Department, as well as companies on the frontline of regional industry including NASA's Ames Research Center, Intuit and Solectron - consults on important issues. Informed by regional representatives and industry insiders, NOVA reports feature topics of special regional relevance, as they highlight trends and provide in-depth information to illuminate Silicon Valley workforce dynamics.

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