Five Core WIB Roles
A Manufacturing Summit helped validate surprising findings about Contra Costa County's real economic strengths.


Coming Together to Identify Problems

The WDBCCC's initial analyses suggested that despite the Bay Area's association with high-tech industries, Contra Costa's economic health was primarily associated with advanced energy and advanced manufacturing industries. Although the WDBCCC had confidence in its analysis, the results contradicted common perceptions of the region. Before any action could be taken, it needed to both validate them and better understand their implications.

The WDBCCC initiated two approaches to convene local partners to collectively discuss the results. First, the WDBCCC organized small focus groups made up of representatives from local manufacturing and energy industries, and gave these groups the task to better understand the nature of industry operations and to assess industry expectations for current and projected workforce needs. Second, the WDBCCC invited local industry leaders, community college representatives, and staff from its One-Stop Centers to a Manufacturing Summit where the WDBCCC introduced its findings about Contra Costa County's economic structure and discussed how, as a group, the parties present could serve the needs of these industries. The presence of key players (i.e. industry, education, and workforce training representatives) was essential for the development of a solution.

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