Five Core WIB Roles
Constant input and feedback helps identify problems and validate possible solutions.


Eyes and Ears In the Community

In addition to continuous dialogue with a very participative policy board, the organization's business service representative acts as WDBCCC's eyes and ears in the community by constantly receiving input on trends, needs and expectations. Once the organization identifies a need in the community workforce, it further investigates the problem by commissioning targeted reports and sorting through a wide variety of publicly available information in order to better understand that need. Finally, as issues become concrete, the WDBCCC summons representatives of industry, educational institutions, community and its own One-Stop consortium to collectively discover which pieces of the proverbial puzzle are present in the community, which ones are not, and how the missing ones could be developed.

The outcome of such process is an organizational structure that constantly learns about its economic environment and the pieces driving or restricting its growth.

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