What is it?

Biotechnology either uses or is designed to affect living materials.

Biotechnology refers to the application of scientific advances in the life sciences to create (1) commercial products and services using living organisms or their parts and (2) products to alter living or non-living materials. Bioindustry firms (that is, firms in the biotechnology business) can be organized into nine categories based on their end markets:

  • therapeutics,
  • diagnostics,
  • agricultural,
  • bioremediation,
  • energy,
  • materials, including chemicals,
  • bioindustry suppliers,
  • nanobiotechnology, and
  • bioinformatics.

A convergence of diverse technologies - life sciences, materials sciences like Nanotechnology/MEMS (micro-electronic mechanical systems), and information technology - is taking place. This convergence will not only change biotechnology but also produce a unique materials and productivity advantage for California over the next ten to fifteen years.

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