Five Core WIB Roles


Fostering Special Partnerships fo Accomplish Mutual Objectives

The Anaheim WIB cultivates collaborations with regional WIBs, area colleges, and local industries. Among its many alliances, the Board nurtures a special partnership with North Orange County Community College District (NOCCCD).

Housed inside NOCCCD's Training and Development Institute, the Center for Applied Competitive Technologies (CACT) provides advanced technology training for workers and technical assistance for businesses in the regional manufacturing industry. Serving mutual clients in the workforce and industry, Anaheim WIB and CACT share resources and join forces to accomplish mutual goals.

Anaheim WIB and CACT have partnered on Department of Labor grant applications, and written reciprocal letters of support to attract funding. While CACT serves workers and industry throughout North Orange County, it distributes WIB materials to companies countywide. Together, representatives from Anaheim WIB and CACT conduct outreach to regional firms by visiting forty employers per program year, aligning WIB's assessment capabilities with CACT's on-the-job-training services. As they team up with private and public organizations to address industry workforce needs, CACT and WIB merge regional networks, and create county-wide collaborations.

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