Five Core WIB Roles


Raising Funds to Prepare Area Youth

With the help of the Anaheim WIB, the Center for Applied Competitive Technologies applied for and won an SB70 Quick Start Partnership grant to develop career paths between high school and college in advanced manufacturing and industrial design technologies. Four community colleges, twelve area high schools, two Regional Occupational Programs and two Tech-Prep programs will benefit from the project, which also includes four professional development mini-conferences for high school and college faculty, counselors, and administrators. Coined TechNow4u, the program will serve up to 900 students over a two-year period.

Forecasting Opportunties

A program of the California Community College system, the Regional Environmental Business Resource Assistance Centers Initiative (REBRAC) addresses critical security services for businesses and the community. Personnel needs in this arena are projected to increase 10-24% over the next five years. Established to provide information and training related to statewide emergencies, REBRAC provides instruction from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the federal offices of Homeland Security, among other services. The Anaheim WIB works with North Orange County Community College to coordinate REBRAC services. The WIB's One-Stop team introduces companies to REBRAC training, determines interest, connects companies with college intermediaries, and monitors their progress.

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