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Pipelines to the Future:
Addressing the Needs of the Automotive Sector

It is hard to imagine that a region housing both the nation's largest automotive market and one of the state's best automotive training programs would face difficulty training and recruiting students for careers with guaranteed placement, competitive salaries, and great benefits. However, this is the reality Cerritos College and its main partner, the Southland Motor Car Dealers Association (SMCDA), are trying to change in the Southern Los Angeles region.

Cerritos College and SMCDA have taken leading roles in a consortium of local organizations that aim at implementing training, recruiting and outreach efforts to raise awareness of local students, teachers, counselors and parents of the lucrative opportunities in auto careers. The resulting programs developed with the Southland/Cerritos Center for Transportation Technologies (SCCTT) are not just a pipeline, but a model for high schools, community colleges, and industry to engage in regional planning efforts that so far has brought positive results to all involved.

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