Five Core WIB Roles
This consortium of local organizations is stepping in to fill the role of vanishing vocational programs.


Bringing the College to the Kids

Cerritos College has taken a leading role in a consortium of regional organizations that aim at systematically addressing the need for an educational pipeline. They include local colleges, the Los Angeles County Office of Education, Unified K-12 School Districts, Regional Occupational Programs, the Southland Motor Car Dealers Association, the Southern Los Angeles County (SELACO) WIB, and representatives of local industry.

The group's proposed Transportation Career Pathways (TCP) expands on efforts Cerritos and local partners have been undertaking for several years, the most recent of them being the Automotive Career Institute (ACI). The consortium - the Southland Cerritos Partnership for Advanced Transportation - has applied for a $450,000 grant from the Quick Start Partnership Initiative for Advanced Transportation Technologies. Consortium partners, however, have already raised $800,000 in matching funds.

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