Five Core Roles

The WIB as Community Voice

WIBs are an important nexus of communication, facilitating dialogue between employers, policymakers, and the public.

An important function underlying these roles is that of communication. WIBs serve as a community voice in a number of ways. By using the information gathered as a result of convening employers, WIBs can help regions articulate their needs to policymakers at all levels of government. WIBs can use information gathered as part of their workforce intelligence activities to communicate key skill shortages, skill gaps, the need for labor and/or job opportunities.

WIBs also serve as the voice of the community, by articulating the needs of individuals looking for training and jobs. Returning Veterans, people being released from the correctional system, individuals with disabilities may have special needs or more intensive services.

With its diverse membership, the WIB is uniquely positioned to tell the whole story - not from the point of view of business, government, labor or community group - but from the whole. This voice can provide powerful messages to the Legislature, the Administration and other policy leaders.

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