Which industries are likely to be affected?

ITS projects involve a wide range of technologies.

State and local government transportation agencies, automobile and automobile accessories manufacturers, communications, software, and a multitude of other industries will be affected. The public infrastructure side of ITS, and the related private sector includes a set of technologies that enable the coordination of a very complex system of multiple services and activities that make the transportation and goods movement system safer, more productive, and efficient while reducing air pollution and other negative effects without pouring concrete on additional land. These key technologies that come together in various configurations that produce a multitude of interconnected products include:

  • Information management technology including software
  • Sensors (magnetic, ultrasonic, microwave, pressure, temperature, etc.)
  • Video cameras and other related visualization technology
  • Human factors analysis
  • Signaling devices (stop lights, freeway signs, and related systems)
  • Geo-Positioning Systems (GPS)
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Large scale transportation simulations
  • Radio based and other communications systems
  • Pavement management
  • Internet services

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